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Some AdSense Basics

Some AdSense Basics

The important thing to remember is that no matter the spam in your email says, you will not get rich FAST. You need to have a quality website that Google recognizes. Perhaps the best thing that can do to get started is picking a copy of Joel Comm's book, The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with AdSense. It is available as paperback, Kindle Edition (least expensive) and as an Audible Audio Edition.

While you are on Amazon.com, also order Vanessa Fox's Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy. It is available as hardcover and Kindle Edition.

I have included links to each of these books on Amazon.

You cannot be successful using AdSense, if you do not have more than a working understanding of Google AdWords. These two books will cover that.

A few tips for pathname and filenames:

  • Use hyphens (-), instead of spaces or underscores (_) to separate words for both folder and file names.

Start First with Google AdWords

Start First with Google AdWords

The first thing that I recommend, is stating with opening a Google AdWords account. This is a big help, as it helps you figure out the best keywords that the advertisers pay the higher bids for. The higher the bids, the higher in the published ad list on your webpages. While you do not want to totally swamp your webpage in keywords (which Google frowns upon), you will want to make sure that you prepare your webpage to target the better-paying ads in your AdSense program.

If you already have an AdWords account, you may have noticed that the Keyword Tool has been moved from the Opportunities tab to the Reporting and Tools tab of Google AdWords. You can also view the Google AdWords tutorial helps and videos on Google AdWords Help pages; they also have links to their YouTube channels.

2011-04-05 - I chose my railroad depots photograph point-of-sale webpages to perform some search engine optimization (SEO) on. The title of the webpages was Vintage Railroad Depot Photographs, followed by the name of the first and last stations listed for sale on each webpage. I performed a Google AdWords keyword tool analysis and found that what I was using was not even generating enough results to be listed, but Old Train Stations was getting an estimated 1600 searches per month. So, the titles of 20+ webpages got changed to Old Train Stations Photographs, and we will check on that SEO strategy in May to see how that panned out.