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Saving Money Using Gas Rewards Cards

Gas Rewards Cards

Gas Rewards Cards

Using gas rewards cards is an effective way of saving money, especially if you plan their use well. As far as I am concerned, gas rewards are as good as cash; combine that with 1% cash back by paying with my PayPal account, and you have a decent savings.

Half-price gas using Stop & Shop gas rewards

Supermarkets that Offer Gas Rewards

Supermarkets that Offer Gas Rewards

Here in New Hampshire, I get to take advantage of two supermarkets that offer gas rewards, Shaw's and Stop & Shop.

Where to Find Cheap Gas

Where to Find Cheap Gas

With the price of oil all over the place and the concerns of Iran choking the gulf of oil tanker ship transports, practically everyone driving on the road is trying to find ways to save on gas. As well as using gasoline rewards points from grocery shopping, shopping for the best price for gas has gotten easier. The website, www.GasBuddy.com, allows you to search for the best gas stations. As well as having a general website, they also have apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry phones, which can use your geographic location in searching for the best gas prices.

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I enjoy saving money, whenever I can. If you found this webpage, then you probably do as well.

I have created this set of webpages to consolidate my various bookmarks from several computers to one common repository, and placed it in a public location so that others can benefit from it as well.

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