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My Long History of Using AutoCAD, by Autodesk

My Long History of Using AutoCAD, by Autodesk

My first experience with AutoCAD was AutoCAD 2.14, while I was a student at Palm Beach Junior College (PBJC), in the mid-1980's. I was also taking a Subdivisions course, in the Land Surveying curriculum at PBJC. As I was also assisting a neighboring engineer with VersaCAD, at the time, my instructor convinced me that I should prepare my subvision project using AutoCAD; so AutoCAD it was.

I stepped through, using 2.52 and 9, on PC ATs; then 10 on a Sun SparcStation; then 11 through 14 on PCs; now, in the year-based names on the Windows platform, 2000, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and currently, 2011. My experience with AutoCAD has been in the disciplines of land surveying, residential architectural design, civil engineering, site plans, developing programs for a photogrammetrist, developing a program for land surveyor, GIS (using AutoCAD Map 14 through 2009, and ESRI's ArcCAD, early on), bridge plans, WWTF plans, and currently, airport design and airport master plan preparation.

This month, April 2011, I have started using Civil 3D 2011, almost exclusively. So, now I get to experience a whole new bunch of software issues.

About this Webpage

I have created this webpage as a method to document and share my AutoCAd experiences.

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