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The National Warren Bank of Warren 1866 Stock Certificate

National Warren Bank of Warren, 1866 Stock Certificate

Original 1866, 2 Shares Capital Stock Certificate for the National Warren Bank of Warren

1866 Stock Certificate for National Warren Bank of Warren

This original, vellum, capital stock certificate is offered for sale as I start to thin out my collection. The text of the certifictae reads:

The National Warren Bank of Warren
State of Rhode Island
Par Value $50. Dividends January & July.
Warren, R.I., August 23, 1866
I hereby certify, That it appears by the Books of this Bank,
at this date, that Levi Baker, of Rehoboth, Mass.
is the owner of Two shares in the CAPITAL
STOCK, which Shares are transferable only on the Books of the Bank.
According to the By-Laws of this Association no Transfer of Stock shall be made without the consent of the
Board of Directors, by any Stockholder who shall be liable to the Association, either as principal debtor, or
otherwise. And upon the maturity of such Stockholder's liability or indebtedness to the Bank, if not paid, the
Association shall hold the Stock of such principal debtor, or otherwise, as security for the payment of said
indebtedness, and may sell the same at any time within six months, (if not sooner satisfied) in accordance with the
By-Laws of the Asociation.
[Signed] N.W. Eddy, Cashier.

This certificate has a 25 cent United State Internal Revenue Certificate stamp, with the initials, "NWE" and the date, "Aug 23/66" across the face of the stamp.

This certificate was difficult to price, as I have not been able to find any other one like it, over months of searching, so it is priced accordingly, at $1,800 (USD). Your credit or debit statement will reflect your payment made to "History Through Photos" and/or PayPal, depending upon how you establish your payment with PayPal. It will be shipped to the buyer, via USPS Certified Mail.

Price, including USPS insured, USPS Certified Mail shipping, is $1,80000 (USD)

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