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GIS Spatial References List in the State of Vermont

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GIS Spatial References List in Vermont

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Bing: spatial reference gis vermont

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05/17/2019 01:11 AM
Data and Imagery | Vermont Center for Geographic Information
Helpful GIS Professional (802) 585-0820. John E. Adams Director (802) 522-0172. 1 National Life Dr., Davis Building, 6th Floor Montpelier, VT 05620-0501 FAX: (802) 828-3383. A Division of the Agency of Digital Services. Data and Imagery. VT GIS data and imagery can now be found at the Vermont Open Geodata Portal: ...
05/08/2019 08:10 AM
SpatialReference—Help | ArcGIS Desktop
Arc GIS Desktop ArcGIS Online. The mapping platform for your organization. ... Each part of the spatial reference has a number of properties (especially the coordinate system) that defines what map projection options are used to define horizontal coordinates. ... NAD 1983 StatePlane Vermont FIPS 4400 (Meters) # Spatial Reference factory code of ...
05/21/2019 09:47 PM
Spatial Reference List for the State of Vermont
A work-in-progress, to some degree, listing spatial reference information for the State of Vermont. Prepared with numerous searches for geographic information systems spatial references. Hopefully, the GIS links on this webpage will also help others searching for GIS information online.
05/16/2019 12:15 AM
VT GIS Parcel Data Standard - Welcome to VCGI's Web Page
Vermont GIS Parcel Data Standard 5 Deliverables: For each municipality, GIS parcel data and metadata having the characteristics described below. A. Coordinate System and Datum - Vermont State Plane Meters, NAD 83 (National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) or most current) for all geospatial data.
05/10/2019 10:48 PM
ArcGIS Help 10.1 - SpatialReference (arcpy)
Which spatial reference properties are available depends on the coordinate system used. In the properties list below, those properties only available with a Projected Coordinate system are denoted with a 1; properties available only with a Geographic Coordinate system are denoted with a 2.
05/15/2019 02:11 AM
EcologicHabitat_HOTSPOTS - maps.vcgi.vermont.gov
This dataset is the result of an effort to map biological "hotspots" in Vermont based on the "element occurrences" in the Nongame and Natural Heritage Program database. The NNHP database, compiled and maintained by the VT Department of Fish and Wildlife, records over 4000 locations of rare, threatened, and endangered plants, animals, and exemplary natural communities throughout the state.
05/08/2019 02:05 AM
Vermont Parcel Data - Dynamo Spatial
Vermont Parcel Data Back to Nationwide Parcel Map. ... Through spatial analysis, parcel gis may also be used to increase the value of other reference layers, with methods such as intersection, proximity, buffer and overlay functions. ...
05/07/2019 09:18 PM
CadastralParcels_VTPARCELS - Vermont Center for Geographic ...
SPAN number as listed in Grand List, OR, if feature represents an area to which a SPAN would not be assigned, such as a public right-of-way or water area, value is Null or empty string, OR, if feature is condominium common land that has no SPAN number, then value begins with C- followed by combination of FIPS6 code of the municipality and a ...
05/04/2019 06:59 PM
Open_Data/OPENDATA_ANR_ECOLOGIC_SP ... - anrmaps.vermont.gov
View In: ArcGIS JavaScript ArcGIS Online map viewer Google Earth ArcMap ArcGIS Explorer View Footprint In: ArcGIS Online map viewer Service Description: This service includes all Biological and Ecological datasets that ANR uses and produces and makes available an open data portal to serve this data to its stakeholders and the general public for use in their own mapping applications.
05/08/2019 01:36 AM
WaterWetlands_VSWI - Vermont
This dataset represents wetlands included in Vermont's Significant Wetlands Inventory (WaterWetlands_VSWI). Questions about wetland location and use should be referred to the ANR DEC Wetlands section, 802-244-6951. NWI maps were used by the State of Vermont Agency of Natural resources as a means of creating this data layer in conjunction with the VSWI.

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