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GIS Spatial References List in the State of Virginia

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GIS Spatial References List in Virginia

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Bing: spatial reference gis virginia

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04/09/2017 07:47 AM
VA_Base_layers/VA_Parcels (MapServer) - Virginia
Home > services > VA_Base_layers > VA_Parcels (MapServer) Help ... View In: ArcGIS JavaScript ArcGIS.com Map Google Earth ... Network (VGIN) Spatial Reference: ...
04/10/2017 02:16 AM
DGMR/Geology (MapServer) - dmme.virginia.gov
ArcGIS REST Services Directory Login | Get Token: ... VA DMME Spatial Reference: 102100 (3857) Single Fused Map Cache: true Tile Info: Height: 256; Width: 256;
04/17/2017 03:12 AM
MostRecentImagery/MostRecentImagery_Lambert (MapServer)
MostRecentImagery/MostRecentImagery_Lambert ... ArcGIS JavaScript ArcGIS.com Map Google Earth ArcMap ... The spatial reference is NAD 1983 Virginia Lambert ...
04/30/2017 10:29 PM
Find (Reference/VA_Boundary) - arcgis.vdem.virginia.gov
ArcGIS REST Services Directory ... Help | API Reference: Find (Reference/VA_Boundary) Search Text: Contains: True False Search Fields: Spatial Reference: Layers ...
04/26/2017 06:32 PM
GIS & Mapping - Fairfax County, Virginia
GIS & Mapping Services is a branch of Fairfax County's Department of Information Technology. It is tasked with developing, maintaining, coordinating, and distributing ...
04/16/2017 01:00 PM
DGO/DGO_Grids (MapServer) - dmme.virginia.gov
... ArcGIS JavaScript ArcGIS.com Map Google Earth ArcMap ArcGIS Explorer View ... VA DMME Spatial Reference: 102747 (2284) Single Fused Map Cache: ...
04/21/2017 03:29 AM
Map WV: GIS Data & Services
Spatial Reference Date ... Check out our GIS Data Clearinghouse at the WV GIS Technical Center for downloadable ... Visit the West Virginia State Web Portal at ...
04/23/2017 07:40 PM
Spatial reference for dummies? - GIS Stack Exchange
Can anyone recommend a good reference or tutorial that explains the principles of spatial references, projections, and coordinate systems? We are a small team of ...
04/15/2017 09:23 PM
Spatial Reference List for the State of Virginia
A work-in-progress, to some degree, listing spatial reference information for the State of Virginia. Prepared with numerous searches for geographic information ...
03/26/2017 02:55 AM
Reference/VDEM_Regions (MapServer) - arcgis.vdem.virginia.gov
... ArcGIS JavaScript ArcGIS Online ... 4375258.510495163 XMax: -8367482.502913675 YMax: 4788643.53737437 Spatial Reference ... Virginia Department of ...

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