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Use your Nintendo Wii for Free Web Browsing

Watch YouTube Videos on your TV, Using your Wii Console as a Computer

Use your Nintendo Wii for Free Web Browsing

Use your TV to watch funny videos on YouTube with your friends and family.

Have you ever been in the situation where you had guests over and were all hovered around the small screen of your computer, watching YouTube videos, when, in the next room, you had a perfectly fine home theatre system, with seating that a cinema would envy?

The solution to using the computer was probably just as close as your Internet-connected Nintendo Wii game console.

I had a lazy Sunday and was sitting at my computer, performing some Google search engine optimization on a set of webpages and remembered a YouTube video of SearchEngineLand that discussed some of the information I was working with. First impulse was to open Firefox and navigate to YouTube, get my favorites and play through the video. As usual, Adobe Flash crashed partway through the video, but I really was not interested in resolving that issue right now.

I had known that I could use the Nintendo Wii to browse the web, but I never really considered using the Wii for that purpose, with any seriousness.

There is more to do with your Nintendo Wii than play Wii games

What You Need

What You Need in the Simplest Sense

  • Internet-connected Wi i game console
  • Wii Controller
  • The Wii Internet Channel downloaded and installed
  • TV with auxilliary in jacks
  • USB Keyboard (optional)

You probably already have all of this setup, with the exception of the USB keyboard. The keyboard is not really necessary, but it sure makes things easier when you are searching for a video on YouTube or specifying a certain website.

What You Do

What You Need to Do

  • Connect your Nintendo Wii console to your television or home theater system
  • (optional) Connect a USB keyboard to your Wii console.
For more information on ... visit the page for Internet_Channel

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Bing: wii internet youtube

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About this Webpage

I have created this webpage as a method to document and share our MIDI Music Studio setup and usage, for others who might want to do something similar.

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