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Geotagging Digital Images

What is Photo Geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of identifying the location that an image was photographed from, and typically that also includes date and time information. The location is typically based on the format that current Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units utilize, the WGS84 coordinate system, and the units are degrees and refered to as latitude (north-south) and longitude (east-west).

Many smartphones and some newer digital camera are capable of automatically geotagging the photos as they shoot them.

If you shot photos with a regular digital camera or have scanned some negatives, prints or slides, you can geotag them; photo geotagging is not just the realm of newer cameras.

Geotagging Software

Here is a list of some of the useful software that I have found. As I find the time, I will be documenting how useful I found them and how I used them.

  • GeoSetter, version 3.4.16, by Friedemann Schmidt - Windows platform
  • Microsoft Pro Photo Tools, version 2.2.0912.03 - Windows platform
  • PixGPS, version 1.1.5, by B-R Software - Windows platform - this is an inexpensive application, but very useful
  • BR's EXIFextracter, version 0.9.9 beta, by B-R Software - Windows platform
  • Free Photo View, version 1.2, by 10-Strike Software