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At the Movies - FSX at Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM)

At the Movies - FSX at Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM) (December 2012)

My first test video of the Microsoft Simulator X with my new video graphics card, an MSI R7850. The video was recorded using Microsoft's undocumented video recorder that is within FSX. The original file is huge, 2:25 results in an initial 22GB avi file at full 1080p resolution. Running that file through 4Videosoft's Video Converter Platinum results in a nice and small 146K video file, which is what you see here. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't include audio recording in their recorder, so you will have to hum propeller sounds to yourself.

No audio, but I will overdub some music onto it at some point.

I used the stock ultra-light aircraft and a customized airport scene for KBXM, formerly known as Brunswick Naval Air Station. I do not have the info for the creator of this scenery, but I will look it up and post it later.

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Bing: fsx movie making

Bing: fsx movie making

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09/23/2022 01:00 PM
FSX/P3D Grumman F-14D Tomcat Mega Pack - Fly Away Simulation
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09/23/2022 04:13 PM
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Indiafoxtecho announces Eurofighter Typhoon as part of MSFS roadmap
Indiafoxtecho has been making mostly military airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and this tradition will continue for the foreseeable future. An exception to that is the Su-31, which was announced last year and will finally be released in just a few weeks, possibly in March. The Russian aerobatic airplane took longer than expected to ...
09/22/2022 10:20 PM
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