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Person Sheet

Name Jean Sabourin dit Chaunière
Birth 23 Nov 1674
Father Jean Sabourin dit Chaunière (1641-1721)
Mother Mathurine Regnaut (Renaud ) (1643-1681)
1 Françoise Voyne (Venne )
Birth 19 Oct 1681, Ile Ste-Therese
Death 13 Nov 1756
Father Jacques Voyne (Venne ) dit Sansouey (1645-1700)
Mother Marguerite (Marie) Provost (LePrévost)
Marriage 2 Nov 1701, Pointe-aux-Trembles
Children Angélique (1705-1789)
2 Marie-Catherine Bourdon
Father Joseph (Jacques) Bourdon (-<1735)
Mother Marie (Marguerite) Bourdeau (Decaut) (->1735)
Marriage 21 Feb 1735, Boucherville
3 Catherine Chartier
Father Guillaume Chartier
Mother Marie Faucon
Marriage 10 Jun 1698, Pointe-aux-Trembles
Children Jean-Baptiste
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