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from "King's Pocket-book of Providence, R.I." Moses King, Cambridge, Mass., 1882 Tibbitts, Shaw & Co., Providence, RI

The interesting and most important public features of the City of Providence, Rhode Island, in 1882


Copyright, 1882, by Moses King.

DALRYMPLE DRINKING FOUNTAIN is an ornamental work of iron in Roger Williams Park, presented to the city by Clark Dalrymple in 1881.

DEBT OF PROVIDENCE. -- See Providence.

DENTAL SOCIETY, THE RHODE ISLAND, established in 1878. Its object is 'to create a more fraternal intercourse, to facilitate the interchange of ideas', and to promote the progress of the theory and practice of the dental profession. Any respectable practicing dentist, above the age of 21 years, may become a member of the association. The society's library contains the latest dental works and reviews. Dr. A. W. Buckland was the first president of this organization, which holds quarterly meetings, at which papers are read and discussed, and the general business of the society transacted. L. L. Buckland, D.D.S., sec'y.

DESIGN, RHODE-ISLAND SCHOOL OF, 283 Westminster St. (Hoppin Homestead Bl'd'g), promotes the advancement of art-education by instructing artisans and students in drawing, painting, designing, modelling, etc., at cost. Lecture and art exhibitions are given. Instruction in art-needlework is also furnished. About 195 students attend its day and evening sessions. Open from October to May. E. Rose, principal.

DEXTER ASYLUM, Hope St., testifies to the generosity of the late Ebenezer Knight Dexter, who, at his decease in 1824, left about 40 acres of land and $60,000, to establish a home for the poor of Providence. The building, of painted brick with granite basement, consists of a main building five stories high, and two wings each three stories in height. Beside the necessary rooms for inmates, sup't and family, and for reception-rooms, it contains a chapel in the third story. The well-cultivated lands, which furnish fine vegetables for the city market, are surrounded by a stone wall, 8 ft. high, and 3 ft. thick at the base, -- according to the conditions of the bequest. On the Hope-st. side, the wall within a few years has been lowered, and finished by a capping of granite. The institution, apparently admirably conducted, accommodates over a hundred inmates. John M. Knowles, sup't.

DEXTER DONATION, THE, comprises the Dexter Training-Ground, the land on which the Dexter Asylum now stands, and other property, real and personal devised to the town in 1824 by Ebenezer Knight Dexter, for the support and maintenance of the poor.

DEXTER TRAINING-GROUND, a part of the 'Dexter Donation', was reserved and appropriated by the will of Ebenzer Knight Dexter, for a training-ground. It is a grassy enclosure of about 9 1/12 acres, west of Dexter St., near High St., and is now seldom used for military purposes.


Homeopathic Dispensary, rear of 307 Westminster St., furnishes gratuitous medical advice from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M., daily, and surgical advice once a week in the same hours. When medicine is furnished, a small charge is made. A dental department for poor people is also maintained in connection with this charity.

Providence Dispensary, The, furnishes medical advice and medicines free of charge to parties supplied by subscribers with tickets. J. B. Branch, sec'y, 20 Market Sq.

DODGE'S BOSTON DYE-HOUSE, established many years ago, and familiar to all Providence people, was succeeded a few years since by the Lewando's French Dye-House, which has its office at 270 Westminster St., adjoining Music Hall.

'DORR'S HILL', or 'Dorr's Lane' as it was formerly called, named from the Dorr estate situated upon it, is a part of Bowen St., bet. Benefit and Condon Sts. It is so steep as to be impassable for vehicles, rising as it does 20 1-7 ft. in each 100 ft.; its summit at Condon St. is 164 ft. above high-water mark.

DRINKING-FOUNTAIN, on Angell St., nr. Brown, was a gift to the city by Frank E. Richmond.

DRINKING-FOUNTAINS. -- For whatever it may possess in the way of ornamental and artistic drinking-fountains, the city is indebted to the generosity of private individuals. A few pumps are still standing in the older portions of the city, relics of a past generation; and, since the introduction of Pawtuxet water, faucets have been attached to various lamp-posts centrally located; while, for the convenience of horses, iron drinking-throughs of excellent construction have been distributed throughout the city. See Athenaeum Drinking-Fountain, Dalrymple Drinking-fountain, and Drinking Fountain.

DYEING, with the most perfect result in all the various branches, is done by the long-established Lewando's French Dye-House, office 270 Westminster St. No one not familiar with the large works at Watertown, Mass., can form any idea of the innumerable sizes, shapes, and uses of the articles which are cleansed and dyed there. The process peculiar to the house obviates all necessity of taking to pieces the garments, which was formerly done at great cost and oftentimes with serious damage. The dyeing of all goods that can be dyed by modern processes is done in the most acceptable manner by the Lewando Dye-House.

DYERVILLE, chiefly a manufacturing village, belonged formerly to the town of North Providence, but now forms a part of the Tenth Ward.

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