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from "King's Pocket-book of Providence, R.I." Moses King, Cambridge, Mass., 1882 Tibbitts, Shaw & Co., Providence, RI

The interesting and most important public features of the City of Providence, Rhode Island, in 1882


Copyright, 1882, by Moses King.

YACHT-CLUB, THE PROVIDENCE, was org'd in 1875. Thirty-seven members were enrolled, and 21 schooner, sloop, and cat-rigged yachts. A club-flag - a red triangular pennant, crossed by a blue stripe with a white star in the centre, - was adopted, a club-house built at the foot of Allen's Avenue, and for several years regattas were regularly held. Owing to the withdrawal of several boats to other waters, lack of interest on the part of some of the members, and other causes, the membership has been considerably decreased; and the club-house has passed into other hands. Benjamin Davis, commodore. See Narragansett Yacht-Club.

Providence YMCA 1909YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, org'd 1853, removed to its present quarters, in Music Hall Building, at 276 Westminster St., in Feb., 1881. It aims to provide for the social, spiritual, physical, and intellectual enjoyments of its members, and to assist them to situations, to find good boarding-places, and to care for them when ill. It has a library of over 4,000 vols., a reading-room, parlor, study, a gymnasium, and a hall seating 400 persons. Classes in penmanship, phonography, elocuation, vocal music, and literature, are formed, and musical and literary entertainments given during the winter evenings. Ladies admitted to membership. Annual tax, $1.00; (gymnasium, $6.00 extra). Membership, 1,244. A daily noonday prayer-meeting and other religious services are sustained. G. M. Hersey, gen't sec'y.

YOUNG MEN'S LITERARY AND SOCIAL CLUB of Olneyville, R. I., was org'd in 1878. The quarters of the club are 1049 High St., third floor; consist of a large well-furnished reading-room, in which are to be found the daily papers and a library of about 500 volumes, and a small room for the use of those who wish to play games. Membership about 150. The rooms are opened every evening. Debates are held Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. The object of the club is 'to promote the moral, mental, and social welfare' of its members.

YOUNG MEN'S POLITICAL CLUB OF RHODE ISLAND, was org. March 25, 1880, under the name of the Young Men's Republican Club; then having for its object 'to nominate and vote for such men as were fit for office, and to oppose machine-work'. March 2, 1881, the present name was taken; and May 31, 1881, a new constitution was adopted. The club aims to promote a reform of the civil service, and also seeks to educate its members in the fundamental principles of political and economic science. To further these objects, it acts as an 'affiliated society' with the Civil Service Reform Association, and with the Society for Political Education. Meetings are held monthly, except in summer; and papers are read by members of the club, or invited speakers. The membership is about 85. Any resident of the State, in sympathy with the objects, eligible to membershp. The pres. is Arnold B. Chace, and the sec. Isaac H. Southwick, jun.

YOUNG WOMEN'S BOARDING HOME. -- See Women's Christian Association.