Woodturning and Wood Lathes

2008-10-18 - Patrick and I finally took a drive to the Woodcraft store, in Newington, NH. The ride was long, but the timing was perfect. Just as we arrived there, they announced that there was going to be a woodturning demonstration on making Christmas ornaments! We both enjoyed the demonstration put on by Don of that store.

Summer 2009 - Bought a TurnCrafter Pro Variable Speed Midi Wood Lathe, from Penn State Industries, their model number TCLPROVS. It was on sale and I had a coupon (I never pay full-price for anything). It has a much smaller footprint than the Central Machinery 12"x33-3/8" wood lathe with reversible head that I bought in 2008 from Harbor Freight. It is also portable, so I can lug it outdoors, clamp it into my Workmate Bench and make chips. Among the things that I like about this lathe over the Central Machinery one is that this one's motor does not blow the chips and/or sawdust all over the place. The Central Machinery lathe's motor blows directly in the line of the chips from the woodturning, sending them everywhere.

2009-10-09 - My first commissioned woodturning - a baseball bat shaped beer tap handle for a customer of Milly's Tavern, Manchester, NH. The handle is for their Fisher Cat Ale. I wish that I had made some measurements of the final product and taken a better picture of it, with a better background.

Woodturning Tools

I have purchased our woodturning tools from various sources, Harbor Freight, Woodcraft, Rockler and the Sterling's Barn Sale (Goffstown, NH)

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Drill Press as a Wood Lathe using a bicycle hub as a live center. Quite interesting!


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