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03/11/2018 04:50 AM
Vermont's energy sinkhole | The Bennington Banner ...
Tuesday May 4, 2010 A sizable and vocal group of Vermont activists can't wait to see the Legislature shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. Alas, they have no ...
07/03/2017 03:10 PM
Vermont State Police: Sinkhole on I-89 | Burlington ...
Vermont State Police say a sinkhole off of the northbound lane of I-89 is causing detours near Exit 1 in Hartford and back on the interstate on Exit 2 in Sharon.
07/04/2017 11:12 AM
I-89 reopens after sinkhole fixed; flood recovery ...
This sinkhole opened up on Interstate 89 in Hartford on Monday afternoon. Vermont State Police photo (This story is by Rob Wolfe, of the Valley News, in which it ...
07/03/2017 03:17 PM
Sinkhole opens up on I-89 in Vermont - WMUR
Traffic on Intertate 89 in Vermont is being rerouted after a sinkhole opened up on the highway.
07/04/2017 08:56 AM
Large Sinkhole on Interstate 89 Repaired, Highway Open ...
HARTFORD, Vt. (AP) — Authorities say a large sinkhole that shut down part of northbound Interstate 89 in Vermont has been repaired.
03/17/2018 07:49 AM
Map Of Florida Sinkholes Sinkhole Maps Counties 2018
Record 1 25 of 52 Outline maps of Floridas counties, displaying sinkholes of varying sizes Some counties contain no sinkholes, ... Vermont News in Brief for January 2018.
03/14/2018 01:29 PM
Vermont Karst Sinkhole Information and GIS - the-hurds.net
A set of webpages that I have prepared relative to the recent historic Vermont sinkholes, and using GIS to research and document them. Sinkholes are also known as ...
06/26/2017 04:01 PM
Sinkhole slows traffic on Burlington's South Winooski Avenue
A sinkhole that appeared Monday morning on South Winooski Avenue in downtown Burlington has been filled — but its origins remain a mystery, city officials said ...
03/17/2013 07:56 PM
Could a Sinkhole Happen Here? | The Outside Story
My friend Ed’s a barrel-chested logger who lives in southern Vermont. He’s a tough hombre, as is anyone who makes their living cutting trees. I’ve seen him bull…
07/24/2016 07:56 PM
What is a sinkhole? - usgs.gov
A sinkhole is a depression in the ground that has no natural external surface drainage. Basically this means that when it rains, all of the water stays inside the ...