About this website

I have created this website as a method to share the genealogical research that I have performed on the family lineage, various hobbies and interests that I have, and to have a sort of online yard sale, using my PayPal account.

Also, I use this website as a canvas for my GIS and GPS skills, in order to keep them current. If something seems like a good reason to make a map, then I will examine all of my GIS data resources and make a map of it!

I just finished making a map of Belize, depicting The Great Blue Hole of Belize. This is the first page of three pages about it.

One weekend at the end of June, we went on a hike in Franconia, New Hampshire. We spent the afternoon hiking Coppermine Trail, to Bridal Veil Falls. Many photos were taken, some of the more interesting ones have been uploaded to a set of webpages at Hiking Coppermine Trail to Bridal Veil Falls. I used an image format that allows viewers to zoom and pan within the photos on these webpages. I hope everyone enjoys them.

And, I have started to invest more time into my earthquake map webpages, inspired after hearing about the earthquake that occurred on 2020-06-23, whose epicenter was located in the Oaxaca Mexican State region. I created a zoomable map that allows the viewer to zoom into the map to see more detail. This is the link to this Map of Mexico showing the earthquakes that have occurred over the previous 30 days.

In March 2020, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a 3D printer, model CZ-300, to be exact. I have started a webpage about it at the link in this paragraph. Right from the beginning, I encountered problems with assembly and setting it up for printing. The instructions provided with the unit leave LOTS to be desired. I will be expanding on this subject, to hopefully help others avoid the same issues that I have encountered. If you cannot wait for me to write something, then go ahead and email me.

Restarting Updates - Sinkholes on My Florida Karst Sinkholes Webpages


Florida Karst Sinkholes Webpage

Three years ago, I ceased my tracking of Florida karst sinkholes and the associated creation of sinkhole maps, because I found that my maps had been illegally posted on several Russian websites, regardless of the fact that I had copyright notices on the maps as well as the webpages that they were hosted from. I have now updated some imagery software that allows me to host the maps as full-size again. Thus, you will finding my full map selection here again as soon as I get the new format set across all of my maps. The first maps that will in this new format will be my Florida Karst Sinkholes Counties webpages

Interesting Reading - Mass Surveillance

Mass Surveillance Information Webpage

While I was following the news of the current Novel Coronavirus, I was caught by the China Surveillance State and their surveillance techniques. The government claims that these are what is helping to track the citizens' exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus. It was estimated that the Chinese government has 200,000,000 CCTV cameras monitoring its citizens on Mainland China. The monitoring is part of standardizing the assessment of its citizens' and businesses'economic and social reputation. This is known as their Social Credit System. The consequences of falling short of the government's expectations include being denied tickets to high-speed rail and airlines, to those who have been blacklisted.

After reading about that, the information junkie in me started to read about mass surveillance worldwide.

In the News - Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Information Webpage

Map of Chinese Provinces indicating geographic location of the city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province

Map of Chinese Provinces indicating geographic location of the city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province