Florida Sinkhole Attractions - Places that you can Enjoy the Presence of Sinkholes

Lake Eaton Sinkhole Trails

Lake Eaton Sinkhole Trails, 450' across, 80 feet deep and 188 steps to the bottom. it is located 8.6 miles north of Nuby's Corner, Ocala National Forest. Trail Info

Sinkhole Trail at Silver Springs

Silver Springs State Park, near Ocala. It is a 2.5 mile hike through the woods. Trail Info

Devil's Millhopper

232 steps down to the sinkhole. It is 120 foot deep, located within Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park. State Park Website

The Yearling Trail Sinkhole

Located at Pat's Island, Juniper Prairie Wilderness, Ocala National Forest. Ocala National Forest website

Falling Waters State Park

Florida's tallest waterfall, dropping down to a 100 foot deep sinkhole. Falling Waters website

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