SayoDevice-brand 5-key Gaming/Macro Keyboard

SayoDevice 5-key Macro/Gaming Keyboard

I use this as a macro keyboard for use with Microsoft Excel, Autodesk AutoCAD and with CMS IntelliCAD. I have both a 3-key and a 5-key model of this keyboard. I have the following keys programmed for use with those programs:

  • <ESC>
  • <F3> used for toggling OSnaps in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD
  • <DEL>
  • <F8> used for toggling Orthomode in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD
  • <ENTER>

Software for programming this mini-keyboard can be downloaded at Sayoseed

2022-12-05 - It seems that the website that formerly hosted the settings configuration program is no longer online. I have uploaded the file, named to my website. You can download the file by clicking here. I do not think that the software works any longer. I just tried to run it and reconfigure one of my keyboards, but it failed. But, the file is there for you to try.