The Crazy3DPrint filament printer was sent back to Amazon. In its place, I bought a Creality Ender 5+ filament printer. What a world of difference. It printed exactly as expected, right out of the box.

Basic Information - Crazy3DPrint CZ-300 3D Desktop Printer

First Impression - CZ-300

2020-03-05 - I had a large enough time snippet to setup a sample 3D plot from the SD card provided with the printer. I leveled the bed twice, it came out seemingly great after the second round. I then loaded the filament and setup the warming up process. Once the bed and nozzle were up to temperature, per the readout on the controller, I loaded the sample and waited for it to start. It was a few more minutes as the nozzle was not quite up to temperature. Then, all Hell broke loose; the filament retracted back into the tube, then drove forcibly back into the tube, pushing the tube off the filament feeder, then it retracted the filament back again, pulling it right out of the nozzle and wrapping the reel end over the filament feed motor, jamming that up. While that was happening, the nozzle starts moving from its parked position and keeps trying to push down onto the heated glass bed making a deep scratch from the corner to the origin where it started to scratch the first layer of the model into the glass. I managed to find the stop print option on the controller before any further damage ensued.

This machine clearly had cross-wiring issues. My options were A) send it back to Amazon or B) disassemble it, voiding my warranty and see if I could resolve it myself. I decided to go with option A.

  • Bed does not reach operating temperature.
  • Nozzle barely gets above room temperature, it should achieve over 400 degrees F; doesn't melt filament.
  • Z-axis motor does not lift extruder, drags nozzle across glass bed.
  • Filament motor extends and retracts filament at an insane speed.
  • May be more problems with unit, but I cannot even get it to properly setup.

3D Printing and Patent and Copyright Law

I was thinking about the implications of the ease with which an individual could make one or more copies of a product, using a 3D printer. While I formulate my thought on the subject, following are some links on the subject.