Detailing an Internet/PayPal Scam that I Fell for

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Did you also get scammed by this website, Well, as of October 2021, this website is finally been brought down. So, you won't need to worry about dealing with any new issues.

If so, or from a similar website, let everyone know in the comments section below. Let's spread the awareness about these scammers.

If you also got scammed by this company and would like to have me post onto this webpage about your experience, then send us an email. In your email, please let me know what information you would not like me to include in the post. Maybe if enough of us complain about this company, PayPal will not support them by being the shopping cart and payment receiver provider.

If you did get scammed by them, do not expect PayPal to be of any help to you in getting anything of a refund.

I purchased, in perfectly good faith, a pair of laser writers from that website. The products that I had expected to receive were like the product named, LaserPecker, which IS a legitimate brand. But, what they shipped to me was a cheesy electric toothbrush. I had recognized the return address as an Amazon Returns depot, from my previous Amazon dealings. So, I contacted Amazon Customer Service and requested a callback. It was tricky, because I did not have an Amazon order number to use, so I just kept plugging away through their "reasons" menus, until I found one that provided me with a callback option.

The return address, which this scammer places to imply that you can return it, reads:

But, after discussing the scenario with an Amazon Customer Service representative, I find that if you send something to that address, and it is NOT a product purchased through Amazon or through an Amazon store, then it will just get disposed of. You will not be getting any refund from Amazon or from anybody for that matter. Because you no longer have the item. PayPal will not even help you out. The scammer keeps your money and you have to realize that you just got scammed.

My advise, is to not use PayPal for such a purchase. Other credit card companies will listen to you and reverse the charges and you are now finished, with your money credited to your account.

Image of the shipping label from scammer showing a fraudulent return address of Amazon's Returns Center in Hebron, KY Note the fraudulent use of Amazon's Returns Center as a return address, by the Scammer, in an attempt to get the recipient of the scammed product to get rid of the product and not be able to recover any refund from PayPal

It is too bad that this was a scam. I was hoping that I would be getting a decent product at a really good price to review and add to my webpages of reviews. But, instead, I am creating a webpage about getting scammed. I wish that this scam had not left such an impression on me. Otherwise, I might have purchased the legit Laserpecker and reviewed it on my webpage. Now, there is no way that I will make that purchase.

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