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Mastering the Craft: Machinist Videos on YouTube for Enthusiasts and Hobbyists
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2008-11-02 - I have acquired an Atlas Metal Lathe this weekend. A few photos of it are what I possess until I get it out of the body shop that it is in.

I kept this metal lathe for 10 years, then I gave it to my cousin. In 2023, I acquired a 3018 CNC machine with a 500-watt spindle cutter and a 5-watt blue laser.

Atlas 8F Engine Lathe

Atlas Metal Lathe Atlas Metal Lathe Atlas Metal Lathe Atlas Metal Lathe

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Very helpful information was obtained by watching videos on the James Dean Designs YouTube Channel

Annoy Tools 3018 CNC Machine

I acquired this from Amazon in March 2023. The assembly instructions leave lots to be desired, but I just started the assembly and it became obvious what needed to go where. When there was any question, a quick look at YouTube, for a similar machine was helpful.

What I liked about this machine is that it has all-metal parts, unlike other machines, and it came with the upgrades that I would have added onto it, like a laser engraver/cutter and metal parts in place of the plastic pieces that other brands used.