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A collection of some of the most interesting Jails-related postcards from my collection.

Quick - Get Cohen My Lawyer

Quick - Get Cohen My Lawyer

Quick! Get Cohen My Lawyer

No caption on reverse.

Tags: Politics, Lawyers, Jails

Nantucket, MA - Jail and House of Correction

Nantucket, MA - Jail and House of Correction

The Jail and House of Correction, Nantucket, Mass.

No caption on reverse.

Tags: Jails, Massachusetts

New Shoreham, RI - Block Island Jail

New Shoreham, Rhode Island - Block Island Jail

The Jail, Block Island, R.I. (circa 1911)

No caption on reverse.

Tags: Jails, Rhode Island

San Francisco, CA - Alcatraz Island

San Francisco, California - Alcatraz Island Postcard

S.F.13 Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California

Caption on reverse: This world famous island, in the San Francisco Bay, was first used as a military prison and later taken by the government for its incorrigible criminals. Its nickname, "The Rock", is derived from its bleak appearance. Due to the swift tides and currents around the island, the prison is considered practically escape proof.

Tags: California, Jails and Prisons

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About this Webpage

I have created this webpage as a scrapbook of sorts to showcase some of the more interesting postcards from my postcard collection. Much of my collection is inherited from my grandmother, Mildred E. Berwick Casartello. I have categorized the postcards in various groups, so you will find them on multiple pages. The tags line at the bottom of each postcard entry has links to each category that you will find that entry on.