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Florida Sinkhole Information, by County

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View Sinkhole Maps of Florida, by County.

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Citrus County Sinkhole Map

GIS and Karst Sinkholes - Useful Links

GIS and Karst Sinkholes - Useful Links

How Sinkholes Form is a very informative webpage about sinkholes in Florida, it is hosted by the St. Johns River Water Management District.

Some local and state-wide GIS data can be found on the St. Johns River Water Management District's GIS Development Program.

About this Webpage

I enjoy working with GIS data and try to find new things to keep my skills honed with.

Within these pages, I am performing some GIS tasks about the Karst Sinkholes in Florida. After seeing the news about the 100 foot-side sinkhole that had opened up behind a house in Windermere, Florida, I decided to see what was available for historic sinkhole data and started developing this webpage, complete with a time-lapse video of the historic locations of the sinkholes.

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