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David Wayne Hurd's Genealogy - French-Canadian Ancestors

Catudal Family Lineage

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Barthélémy Catudal
(1864 - 1937)
Hilaire Foisy
(1894 - 1973)
Joséphine Boissé
(1877 - 1962)
Hermina Catudal
(1898 - 1965)

m. 15 Oct 1938, St-Joseph D'Ely de Valcourt
Frédéric Hilaire Catudal Lucia Foisy
b. 26 Nov 1912, Valcourt
b. 22 Apr 1923, Valcourt
d. 28 Mar 1985, Longueuil
bur. 1 Apr 1985, Valcourt
Spouses: 1, 2

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Marie-Louise (Louise Hermina) Catudal
Jeanne Elizabeth Catudal
Anonyme Catudal [Died as Infant]
Lucie Yvonne Catudal
Marguerite Josephine Catudal
Thérèse Cécile Catudal
Francine Rollande Catudal
Marie-Jeanne (Jeanne Ginette) Catudal
Jean-Noël Roger Catudal
Lucille Pierrette Catudal
Jos Donat Yvon Catudal
René Catudal
Mario Joël Catudal
Louis Catudal

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