King's Pocket-book of Providence, RI

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from "King's Pocket-book of Providence, R.I." Moses King, Cambridge, Mass., 1882 Tibbitts, Shaw & Co., Providence, RI

The interesting and most important public features of the City of Providence, Rhode Island, in 1882


Copyright, 1882, by Moses King.

INDIA BRIDGE -- See Washington Bridge.

INDIA POINT, on the E. side, is an irregular projection at the mouth of the Seekonk River. Two bridges (a passenger and a railway bridge) cross from here to the town of E. Providence. The Boston and Prov. R. R. Co. owns extensive wharf property on the S. or harbor side of the point. Distance from Fox Point, 5 - 8 mile.

INFANTRY BUILDING, 116 S. Main St., erected in 1879 by the Prov. Light Infantry Asso'n, is a handsome brick building with olive-stone trimmings, and capped by a tower. The ground-floor is divided into stores. On the second and third floors are business rooms, ten company rooms, a supper-room, and the veterans' room. In the rear is Infantry Hall, 120 by 75 ft., with a gallery on three sides, and a seating capacity of over 2,000. The fourth story contains the armory, officers' room, club-room, and the library and reading-room. The building cost about $60,000, and was dedicated by a grand fair in the hall, the proceeds of which were used for furnishing the rooms.

INFANTRY-HALL SKATING-RINK, 116 S. Main St., was opened the present season. Doors open at 2 and 7:30 P.M. Governor or Brook St. H. C. See Infantry Building.

INSTITUTE OF INSTRUCTION, RHODE ISLAND, was org. in 1845, to promote 'the improvement of public schools and other means of popular education'. The annual session, occurring in January and lasting several days, takes place in Providence. The meetings, most of which are open to all friends of education, are held at different public schools, and - for a number of years past - at Music Hall. Papers are read and addresses made on subjects relating to both the educational and moral advancement of pupils, and opportunity is given for discussion. At the closing meeting of the session, the officers for the ensuing year are elected. Sec'y, X. D. Tingley, Central Falls.


  • American Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 9 Equitable Building.
  • Atlantic Fire Marine Insurance Co., 45 Westminster St.
  • Blackstone Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 41 Westminster St.
  • City Insurance Co., 23 Custom-House St. (In liquidation.)
  • Enterprise Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 9 and 10 Equitable Building.
  • Equitable Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Equitable Building. (See notice elsewhere.)
  • Firemen's Mutual Insurance Co., 11 Westminster St.
  • Franklin Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 12 S. Main and 2 College St.
  • Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 45 Westminster St.
  • Manufacturers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Rhode Island, Board of Trade Building.
  • Mechanics' Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Board of Trade Building.
  • Merchants' Insurance Co., 22 Market Sq.
  • Merchants' Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 41 Westminster St.
  • Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 45 Westminster St.
  • Providence Mutual Steam Boiler Insurance Co., 45 Westminster St., room 5.
  • Providence Washington Insurance Co., 20 Market Sq. (See notice elsewhere.)
  • Rhode Island Insurance Association (See heading elsewhere.)
  • Roger Williams Insurance Co., 5 Equitable Building.
  • State Mutual Fire Insurance Co., No. 9 and 10 Equitable Building.
  • Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 11 Westminster St.
  • What Cheer Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 45 Westminster St., room 5.

IRREPRESSIBLE SOCIETY, THE, 81 N. Main St., was formed in 1862, to furnish employment for poor needle-women, who come weekly to the rooms to recieve work, chiefly sewing of the plainer sort. The institution receives its support from annual subscriptions and from funds raised by occasional entertainments.