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Horology Introduction

It's no secret, I just love clocks.

When I was young, my family would visit my great uncle, in Putnam, Connecticut. One day, shortly before he passed away, he placed a pocket watch in my hand, cupping my hand in his when he did it. A vivid memory. I still have that pocket watch, along with many other watches that I have purchased over the years.

My latest acquisition is a Fancher long case clock, a birthday gift from my significant other. I have had such a hard time trying to find information about this clock, that I decided to start this webpage, to help others also looking.

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Wall Clocks

My First Wall Clock

My first chiming pendulum wall clock was purchased when I was living in Florida, in the mid-1980's. It was a 31-day clock from Speigel.

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Chiming Mantle Clocks

Ansonia Model #210

I purchased this clock from a secondhand store, as an empty case, but with the 5 chimes and a set of hands. It is currently waiting for me to determine the appropriate movement and get it ordered for installation.

Cuckoo Clocks

I have several cuckoo clocks. The first one I received was inherited from my maternal grandparents. The next four that I received were purchased as a lot, with every single clock requiring something in order to bring it to operating condition.

Chiming Long-case Clocks

I have two long-case clocks, both are 31-day, a Howard Miller and one made by the GMK Fancher Clock Company.

The Howard Miller is their model number 620-240. It has a bent gear train and is need of a new mechanism.

The Fancher clock, a birthday present from my significant other, is their model 502, Richmond. It has gorgeous oriental scenes on it's two sides and its interior.