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from "King's Pocket-book of Providence, R.I." Moses King, Cambridge, Mass., 1882 Tibbitts, Shaw & Co., Providence, RI

The interesting and most important public features of the City of Providence, Rhode Island, in 1882


Copyright, 1882, by Moses King.

VACCINATION. -- The first succcessful arm-to-arm inoculation with the virus of cow-pox, as a prevention in infection from small-pox, was performed in 1796, by Dr. Edward Jenner of Berkely, Gloucester, England. This new method of inoculation was soon after introduced into this country, and was undoubtedly practised, in a private way, in Providence. A vote passed in town-meeting June 9, 1810, furnishes the earliest record of a public vaccination. It was voted 'that James Burrill, jun., Tristam Burgess, Thomas P. Ives, John Carlisle, John Markin, David Leonard Barnes, and Wheeler Martin, be a committee to employ some suitable person or persons to inoculate with kinepock such inhabitants of this town as may be desirous thereof. That said inoculation be conducted under the direction of said committee, and the expense thereof be paid out of the town treasury.' Mr. Sylvanus Fransher, 'an experienced vaccine inoculator', was selected to perform this duty; and the work of vaccination, commenced July 2, was continued at different times and places for six weeks. At the close of their labors the committee reported that 4,305 persons had been vaccinated. >From this large proportion out of a population of but 10,000 souls, it is evident that but little prejudice existed against vaccination. Until the year 1856, public vaccinations were performed at irregular intervals; but on April 26, of that year, the present system of weekly vaccinations, performed at the office of the Board Of Health and free to all residents of the city, was inaugurated. In the period from 1856 to 1882, over 26,000 persons have availed themselves of the means of vaccination.

The records of the different years show a great variation in the number vaccinated. This is due to partly to the growth of population, but more especially to the presence or absence, as it may happen, of cases of small-pox. The largest number vaccinated in any one year was 2,798 (in 1872); the smallest, 136 (in 1857). There were 1,156 vaccinations in 1879, 1,343 in 1880, and 2,307 in 1881.

Children attending the public schools of this city are required to present evidence of having been successfully vaccinated.

Every Saturday (the warm summer months alone excepted), vaccination is performed at the office of Superintendent of Health, City Hall, from 2 to 3 P.M.


VETERAN ASSOCIATIONS, The, of the United Train of Artillery, Providence Marine Corps of Artillery, and First Light Infantry Association, consist of past and honorary members of the respective military bodies whose names they bear. Their object is to afford opportunities for reviving the memories of the past, and to secure for the active corps the benefit of their interest and influence.

Providence Association of Firemen has also a Veteran Association.

VOTING. -- See Suffrage.

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