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News Links - China and Coronavirus - Low Cost Digital Color Printing

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China - Notable People in the Coronavirus Saga

  • Xie Linka - Xie Linka, a doctor at the Cancer Center of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, posted a WeChat message to an online group of doctors. “Many people have unexplained pneumonia (similar to SARS). Today, our hospital admitted many cases of pneumonia from the Huanan Seafood Market. Everyone should pay attention to wearing masks and ventilation.”
  • Li Wenliang
  • Liu Wen
  • Fang Fang, author of Wuhan Diary: Dispatches from a Quarantined City
  • Chen Qiushi
  • Xu Zhangrun
  • Ma Xiaowei, leader of the National Health Commission.
  • Zhao Lijian, (Twitter @zlj517) official spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, deputy director general of the Foreign Ministry information department. Zhao questioned when the first American patient to contract the disease was detected and how many people were infected. “What are the names of the hospitals? It might be U.S. army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan,” he wrote, without offering any evidence.
  • Wuhan Institute of Virology
Screenshot of Twitter Tweet by Zhao Lijian

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